About Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi is an international legal honor society that was founded at the University of Michigan Law School in 1869. It is the nation’s oldest legal society, predating even the American Bar Association. Now with over 130 chapters, Phi Delta Phi is an elite organization that has produced five U.S. Presidents, fourteen U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and a long line of influential legal and political minds. 

As the founding chapter, Michigan Law is home to the Kent Inn of Phi Delta Phi, a thriving residential community of law students that still stands over one-hundred and fifty years after Phi Delta Phi’s founding. The Kent Inn, known to the Michigan Law community as Phid, is a beautiful Georgian mansion located a block away from the law school that houses 25 students each year. Current members hail from all across the globe and are graduates of some of the most well-respected institutions in the world. 

Phid provides a unique and community-focused law school experience and strives to be an intentional community of law students who aren’t defined by law school but excel at it. A quick sample of our members' academic interests includes public defense, constitutional law, environmental law, international public interest law, transactional law, civil rights litigation, and commercial litigation. Our members also hold various offices across campus and work on the Michigan Law Review, Michigan Journal of Environmental Law, Michigan Journal of Gender and the Law, Michigan Journal of Law Reform, and Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review. 



Hailing from California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin and Kenya, their interests span Litigation, Transactional, Public Interest and International Law practice areas.


Hailing from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Oklahoma, their interests span Litigation, Transactional, Public Interest and International Law practice areas.


Hailing from California, the Midwest, the Northeast, Germany and Japan, our graduates have secured jobs in Big Law, Public Interest and Judicial Clerkships in New York, Chicago, California, DC, Philadelphia, the Midwest and abroad.

Phid is a community, a place filled with a rotating cast of 25 weirdos, and an integral part of MLaw's social life. 


Phid is fun, sometimes loud, never lonely, and always supportive. 

Phid Board


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Kiersten West

Vice President


Constance Du


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James Steiner

House Manager

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House Manager


Shay Collins

Alumni Chair

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Clarissa Lotson