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Lease Term

If you are invited into the organization and subsequently offered a house lease, leases run from September to May. Rent - $500(projected)/month.


Phid is located less than a block from the law school at 502 East Madison St. "Downtown"--pack full of restaurants, shops, coffee spots, drug stores, and bars--is just a few blocks down the street. 


The Space

Everyone has their own room, but bathrooms, the kitchen, the tv room, and most of the first floor are common spaces. There is a women's bathroom on the third floor, a men's bathroom on the second floor, and a single bathroom in the basement.


A parking space (pending availability) for the year is $50/month for house residents. The parking lot is located behind the house, right outside the back door.


The Bedrooms

Rooms come furnished with a twin, full, or queen bed, dresser, and desk. You are welcome to bring your own furniture and store any extraneous furniture in the attic. You are also free to utilize the extra furniture stored in the attic to furnish your room (including some chairs, tables, couches, rugs, shelves, etc.).

The Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with an industrial sized stove and large industrial fridges and freezers. Each person is assigned one fridge shelf, one or two pantry shelves, and one freezer shelf. Spices, hot sauces, baking products, and cleaning products are communal. 

Chores & Cleaning

Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves daily, including doing your own dishes. Everyone is assigned a weekly chore as well (cleaning a bathroom, sweeping a common space, taking care of the yard). Every night one person is assigned kitchen duty on a monthly rotating basis. Kitchen duty includes running dishes through our industrial grade sanitizer, sweeping and mopping, taking out the trash, and generally cleaning the space. 

Regular Events

Each semester, Phid sponsors one House Dinner for house residents only and one party for the entire law school. Previous party themes have included: Animal Pharm, Alternative Phacts, Space Phorce, 80s Phidness, and Phlower Power.



Each year Phid elects housemates to serve on the Phid Board to keep the house running. Board positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and House Manager(s). Although each board member serves a specific function, each and every housemate plays a role in keeping the house organized and going! As potential applicants, you'll be communicating most with the prez and vp!

Current Leadership:

President: Kaitlyn Beyer, beyerkai@umich.edu
VP: Derrick Vallejos, davo@umich.edu

Treasurer: Héctor González Medina, hecjgon@umich.edu

House Managers: Nelius Wanjohi, neliusw@umich.edu; Samantha Gowing, sgowing@umich.edu

Feel free to reach out!



Kent Inn of Phi Delta Phi

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